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Creativity Matters

We are all born creative, and, somewhere along the way of growing up and life happening, we forgot how to tap into it. To live happier lives, we need to re-learn how to unleash our creativity. Creativity will open the doors to new life; it rejuvenates us, boosts our productivity, helps us deal with stress, and enables us to be the best we can be for ourselves, our families, and the world.

There is creativity in everything we touch. 78% of business leaders hire people with creative minds and creative decision-making skills. Creativity existed from the Stone Age, and cave paintings are a strong witness to this theory.  Throughout history, we observe that art was an instrumental fact in every developed culture and society. It has been proven that art can transform and positively change the quality of life and have the potential to alternate the very society in which we live.

The vital question is how to effectively be part of this change for a better self and our surroundings? How does creativity grow in individuals? How to reach the individual’s mind and soul? And how to be a positive instrument opening up the possibilities and finding the “true artist” dormant inside.

I have been a professional artist since the early 1970s. Besides developing and creating my art, I have been actively involved in teaching visual arts. I deeply believe that creativity broadens attention, opens up the mind to be active and engaged, and allows us to see creative solutions to a problem.

My approach is diverse with each individual. Each student is different according to their level of knowledge about art and art education, their abilities, and how they see the world around them. My protocol for teaching art and being the force for change and artistic growth is developed according to each individual’s needs.

Art can be a useful and powerful tool that evolves consciousness toward a happier life, peace within, and a healthier society.  Unleash your creativity and start seeing life in a new light.

About Nahid Hagigat

Nahid is an accomplished artist, an educator, and an art instructor with Ph.D. in Creative Arts and Art Therapy and a Master degrees in Painting and Art Education from New York University.

She has had multiple solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Europe including her recent exhibition at The British Museum in London.

In addition, her artworks are in numerous private and public collections including The British Museum, The Metropolitan Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Tehran Museum of Modern Art, JP Morgan-Chase New York, New York University, and World Bank in Washington, D.C. among others.

Nahid lives and works in New York City.

My Name is Marjanne Motamedi. It gives me great satisfaction to write this letter of recommendation for Mrs. Nahid Hagigat.

Let me go back in time…. My mother had a stroke at the age of 86 in 2016 One of her passion and hobby in life was to paint. After her stroke she was simply unable to remember how to even hold a brush. A friend of mine who knew of Mrs. Hagigat gave me her information. Few days later I had the pleasure to meet with her and she agreed to give few painting lessons to my mother.

Four years later, here we are, my mother eagerly looks forward for her weekly lesson. She has painted over 100 paintings……

Mrs. Hagigat is an exceptional teacher. Her enthusiasm, passion and dedication for the craft of teaching is limitless. She engages and motivates her student(s). What she has accomplished with my mother is nothing short of a miracle.

In conclusion, I recommend Mrs Hagigat without reservation.

Marjanne Motamedi

I am writing to recommend Nahid Hagigat as an outstanding, brilliant, and skilled art teacher.

I have been working with Nahid for over eighteen months, and I can’t praise her knowledge, compassion, and talent enough.

Since I live in Los Angeles, CA, I was skeptical of working remotely with her, but she made it feel seamless and perfectly doable. Her precision, attention to details, and tremendous talent make it as if she is there in the room with me. I have grown artistically so much because of her teachings.

Her incredible adaptability and flexibility make me feel very comfortable and eager to push myself beyond my comfort zone. She makes each session fun, inspiring, and full of new techniques. Her passion inspires me to be creative and express my emotions freely and vividly while teaching me valuable water-color techniques, pencil drawing, and acrylic on canvas.

I highly recommend Nahid; with her dedication and abundance of knowledge, Nahid is an asset and will surpass your expectations.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information you might need.

Bonnie Sadigh, MNLP

I wholeheartedly recommend Nahid Hagigat as an art teacher. She was my art teacher for almost four years and I will always cherish the times we had together. She is firm, yet gentle, fun and funny, and most of all, incredibly talented. Every week, I looked forward to working with her on my drawings, water-colors and oil paintings. We took turns drawing landscapes, still lifes, nudes, and also I had the chance to experiment with creating work from my imagination. She always pushed me to work harder, inspired me to draw regularly, and most importantly, made the lessons engaging.

Sara Nodjoumi

I am writing to enthusiastically recommend Nahid Hagigat as an art teacher.  I have been familiar with her work as an artist for many years, and was fortunate enough, along with my husband, to have her as a private art instructor in drawing and acrylic painting.  We have taken classes with her over the course of two years.  Ms. Hagigat’s technical skill as an artist is superb, and she is able to translate this to even the most novice artists.   She is patient, and able to break down the concepts of shading, perspective, and vision in order to develop our skills and build our confidence.  She provided us with creative lessons, building from the most basic skills, and providing detailed instruction to improve our techniques.  As my husband and I have different learning styles, I was able to observe Ms. Hagigat’s ability to tailor her methods to each of our abilities and styles. 

I would recommend Ms. Hagigat as an art teacher without reservation.  Please contact me if you need any further information at (917)864-7119 or by email at at any time.    

Mina McAllister

I have known Nahid Hagigat for many years as an artist and a teacher.  Several years ago, when I needed to learn watercolor painting, so I could help my elementary students with their projects, I asked Ms. Hagigat for help.

She taught me the basics to advanced techniques of using watercolor.  Later, not only were my students successful with their projects, I self published several children books using watercolor.

Ms. Hagigat is a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher.  She patiently explains the watercolor process and guides her students in using the material. She gives her students encouragement and self assurance.

She will be an asset to any institution and any student who has her as a teacher will be the lucky one.

Should you have any question or concern, please contact me.

Fereshteh Bokhour


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