Past Exhibitions

“Cracked Memories”

By Tirdad Aghakhani

When Tirdad visited his grandmother in Tehran in 2004, they talked about the importance of family roots. He remembers her saying, “As a tree cannot survive without its roots so is a family.” Along with his great-grandmother’s marriage certificate from more than 140 years ago, she gave him a gift with a collection of her old family photographs. He created an artistic process that combined these family photographs along with his fantasies about his relationship with his family. Finally Tirdad incorporates x-ray photos of his body parts into the photographs representing a part of his family “root” that he left behind. He explains “I have left my soul in these photographs so that I can be one with my family. I would like to connect to my roots, so that I can grow up again.”

Prints are 11X14 inches, edition of 10. $650- each print. Custom sizes by commission.

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Walls of Downtown Tehran

by Mehdi Gooran Savadkoohi 
Online Exhibit – December 2020 through March 2021

Mehdi Gooran Savadkoohi is a street photographer and a prominent graphic designer whose work documents Tehran’s urban spaces, graffiti and cityscapes in an unconventional, poetic, and often abstract manner. His curious lens introduces a rarely seen point of views to the walls of downtown Tehran that is a complex matrix of texture, colors and mark-making.

Savadkoohi often walks for miles in the downtown neighborhoods, block-by-block and alley-by-alley, never missing a dead end, selectively capturing the traces left behind by regular Tehraners. He never edits his images after he takes the shots. Savadkoohi’s close-up photographs of the graffitist, posters, pieces of shoddy engineering, layers of bad paint jobs, and slogans sprayed on these walls may seem like an abstract work of art. But they also carry a forceful history of the presence of ordinary citizens who engage with a built environment that verges on controlled chaos.

Savadkoohi’s works have been included in many exhibitions and platforms including Golestan Gallery, Iran Graphic Design Biennial, and Tehran’s Graphic Museum.  He is the founder of Simorgh Graphic Design Studio, co-founder of  “Co-operative Tehran Graphic Designers”, and a member of Iranian Graphic Design Association among others.  Savadkoohi lives and works in Tehran, Iran.

All photographs are Edition of 10. $450.00 unframed, 14×11 inches print size. All other sizes are on demand.

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Dancing Where the Dreams Live

Curated by Nahid Hagigat 
Located in Brooklyn at
The Bridge and Tunnel Gallery

After over a year and a half of shutdown, distancing, and virtual correlation, we are extremely excited for you to experience this unique and exclusive body of work in person.
‘Dancing Where The Dreams Live’ brings together seven world-renowned and celebrated American-Iranian artists in a group exhibition at the inaugural opening of The Bridge and Tunnel gallery.

Hadi Hazavei, Nicky Nodjoumi, Sudi Sharafshahi, and Nahid Hagigat met in the mid 1960’s in Tehran University. Through years of creating art, partaking in solo and group exhibitions, and living as artists in NYC, they connected with more Iranian artists who later became life-long friends. Among those artists were Shahram Karimi, Nazanin Noroozi, and Farshid Shafiey.
From paintings to etchings, sculpture and installations, Dancing Where The Dreams Live brings the circle of old friends together for the first time under one roof to share their stories and dreams through their timeless creations. On view from October 9th through November 6th.

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Sudi Sharafshahi

October 2019 to December 2019

Farshid Shafiey and Atieh Sohrabi

Atieh Sohrabi’s (@atieh.sohrabi) work recently acquired by Los Angeles County Museum

June 22th, 2019 – August 2019

Water, Earth, and Fire: Three Friends in Dialogue

White Wall Space is pleased to announce the exhibition of three renowned artists and longtime friends, Hadi Hazavei, Ardeshir Mohasses, and Nicky Nodjoumi. The exhibit is by appointment till June 30th, 2019 Contact us with questions.

Dec 2018 – Jan 2019

Holiday Exhibition

White Wall Space proudly presented three New York-based emerging artists:  Robert A. McAllister, Nazanin Noroozi, and Simone Zimmermann. Learn more on our artist’s page.

October 2018

Nahid Hagigat

White Walls Space Founder solo exhibition.

Nahid Hagigat is a visual artist who combines her paintings with her own life stories. After graduating in Fine Arts from Tehran University, Nahid continued her studies in the United States. She received her Ph.D. from New York University in Art and Art Education, specializing in painting and printmaking. She often exhibited her art in Tehran and was instrumental in introducing printmaking to Tehran art galleries. She recently received her second Ph.D. from Huntington Pacific University in Art & Behavioral Therapy. Learn more about Nahid Hagigat.


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